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First Responders Respirator in Riot Control, Tactical Firearms & CBRN

The new FRR Respirator is specifically designed to fit most ballistic, tactical, protective, riot and other types of headgear without compromising the face-seal, or comfort of the wearer.  Low profile fully-adjustable head-straps avoid pressure-points that many older designs suffer from.

As the FRR replicates the same flexible eye-piece specified for the UK Ministry of Defence General Service Respirator (GSR) protecting the wearer from direct impact to the eye-piece/s causing secondary wounding.  Rigid or inflexible eye-pieces are old technology.

Vision correction is available with a simple flexible insert.  Individual sizing the face-piece, inner mask and correctly adjusting the head-harness gives the wearer a mask system that can be worn for hours without fatigue, heat-stress or distress.

Respirator 4


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The FRR is a true multi-role First Responders Respirator

              CBRN use  

    Riot use