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FRR HYBRID Facepiece

The new FRR Respirator can be adapted to become….

1.  A Negative-Pressure Respirator with one or two 40mm DIN canisters. A standard gas-mask.

2.  A HYBRID Positive-Pressure Respirator with dual input 40mm DIN canister & SCBA pressurised air

Respirator 3


The HYBRID is without doubt the most popular choice.

Why…?  Because of its almost unlimited duration.  If there is a threat and you can keep using your 40mm canister as priority protection then remain on canister for a long as possible. If you feel uncomfortable or your warning device indicates low oxygen just change over from Negative-Pressure supply to Positive-Pressure air feed and you now have the full capacity of your SCBA cylinder available.  If the threat reduces or returns again just swap back and forwards preserving your air supply.

A normal mask is either one of the other - The FRR is both combined.

A FRR Respirator user has total control over how the mask is configured and can swap parts to re-configure to another operational role within a few minutes, if given the right training. Normally other manufacturers’ products are delivered in one role or another requiring the user to keep stocks of two or more types.  The huge cost-savings and enhanced logistics having a multi-role face-piece support the Business Case to adopt the FRR as your sole operationally issued Respirator.  By having a trained technician in-force and the right mix of components changes in capability are swiftly completed, even during an incident.

Civil Defence Supply advises at all stages of the procurement exercise including offering Staff Training, supply of all necessary support equipment including compressors, test equipment, training aids, safety lines, PASS Devices and a wide selection of air cylinder sizes and types including back-harness and the latest ultra-light high-capacity LUXFER composites which are the best design if hit by a bullet during a live firearms operation, as they do NOT explode.

Please ask for more information or a full hands-on demonstration.  The new FRR is the ultimate front-line operational Respirator for all First Responders.  This HYBRID dual-capability is unique.

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