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FRR - First Responders Respirator

The United Kingdom Ministry of Defence designed an entirely new and highly advanced General Service Respirator with a pair of CBRN filters allowing easy exchange in battlefield conditions.  A substantial number of these new masks have been purchased and are now in front-line use.

Although the UK Ministry of Defence has adopted this new tear-drop shaped CBRN Canister civil agencies, the police and all other First Responders still have substantial stocks of 40mm DIN-threaded CBRN canisters and it was logical to modify the MoD GSR facepiece to accept these civil canisters.

A new 40mm DIN adaptor was created and left and right-handed use made possible as well as enabling the original MoD BOWMAN voice and communications system to be adapted to take civilian and law enforcement communications.  The new First Responders Respirator (FRR) is one of the most advanced designs in the world today with a massive field-of-view, flexible eye-piece, excellent spoken word and inner seal for long-duration comfortable wear.


General Service Respirator


First Responders Respirator (FRR)

Right or Left_handed 40mm DIN Standard CBRN or CS Filters with wide-angled vision ideal for Tactical Firearms Teams & SWAT.  Hood and head-overs exactly fit the respirator face-piece giving an ideal seal between mask and garments or head-protection.

Both the GSR and FFR have a wide selection of fitting sizes and inner face-cup styles to ensure that each user is individually fitted to achieve maximum protection.  

The GSR/FRR concept is Individual Issue.  A new design of haversack has an internal face-former to keep the seal from distortion.