Civil Defence Supply

Research, development, testing, manufacture, supply and training of specialised Defence and Law Enforcement products

The diversity of projects spans armoured vehicles and tanks, ATV’s and battlefield light vehicles, night vision, thermal imagery, weapons and ammunition, precision firearms, mass dispersion chemical devices, surveillance systems, forensics, imagery analysis, camouflage and concealment, tracking and GPS systems, pyrotechnic and non-pyrotechnic devices, distraction grenades, high intensity lighting, lasers and laser protection and obscure projects such as dog worn video cameras and telemetry with the WOLVES system which has been in UK Police Service for over fifteen years and now totally upgraded.

If you have a specific concept you wish to discuss, a Joint Venture proposal or technology you wish to make known to us, please use CONTACT US, email or call as some of our best ideas have come from Joint Ventures, many becoming International Patents and successful products distributed throughout our substantial client data-base.

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Research & Development



Civil Defence Supply has always maintained a substantial Research & Development capability since the early 1980’s with most projects fully self-funded.  The Company holds numerous Licences, Authorities and Permits including Explosives Licences, Firearms Licences, Home Office Prohibited Weapons Authorities and many other permits allowing advanced research into electronics, weapons and ammunition, energetics, Less Lethal devices, chemistry and protective technologies.

Over the past twenty years numerous projects have been successfully completed for the UK Ministry of Defence, Home Office, UK Police, various NATO Countries, Canada and especially the United States where work has continuously progressed on a variety of defence and law enforcement related projects.  For instance, the GL3 Landing System is the latest development in a range of night flying systems Civil Defence Supply has pioneered since early R&D work with the US Marine Corps in Quantico, the British Army Air Corps and UK MoD DSTL.  

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