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Civil Defence Supply designed and manufactures a range of rapid deployment

REEVU Motorcycle Helmet

REEVU Rear View Motorcycle Helmets are ideal for POLICE, Para-MEDICS and FIRST-RESPONDERS and especially covert and Special Operations motorcyclists and Firearms Officers

Civil Defence Supply is the ONLY source of completely unmarked and unbranded REEVU Helmets in the United Kingdom.  This allows users to bespoke mark their own helmets or we can supply your REEVU Helmets with force badges, markings and correctly sized to individual officers.

Apart from the improved ROAD SAFETY aspects of this amazing Worldwide Patented Design  the art of mobile surveillance is vastly enhanced because you can now ‘follow’ a suspect from in-front as the target is totally unaware that you have full rear vision.

Civil Defence Supply can provide standard full-face REEVU Helmets or the new clam-shell design, all fully British Standards Approved with Certification.   Please ask us for further information , prices and a DEMONSTRATION sample.

All REEVU Helmets give amazing rear-view of the road behind when the special eye-line mirror has been correctly adjusted

Virtually ANY configuration or layout can be created and replicated in subs