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VIPER’s unique Muscular Skeletal imagery allowing Conductive Pathways to be properly explained to students

VIPER TASER Simulation  -  3


VIPER is as easy to set-up & use as PowerPoint

Adopting VIPER not only enhances your current training but enables transition to far more effective and dynamic situation simulation which is a more defensible OFFICE SAFETY, PUBLIC SAFETY and DUTY OF CARE package.        Once purchased VIPER costs nothing to operate.

VIPER is a future-proof software system available in modules.  The BASIC System allows a comprehensive training and target selection with rotating and scaled images producing true-life true-height targets enabling one to four students to train alongside each other. In development are dynamic, decision-making and threat-analysis targets with additional modules allowing transition from TASER to other Less Lethal devices and finally transition to live firearm.  Contact us.

One unique feature of VIPER TASER training is the ability to un-mask a clothed target to expose the muscular structure which is essential when trying to explain to students the conductive pathways that make TASER such an effective device.

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