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Laser Simulation technology is recognised as one of the most effective ways to safely expose operational personnel to true-life situations and decision-making within a training environment.

Firearms simulation is quite simple to design as a single laser beam follows the sight-line and identified as a ‘shot’ by a high-speed computer camera.  That laser beam could be an overt red of covert infrared and coded to identify individual weapons and shooters.  The technology is well understood.

TASER simulation is entirely different and far more complex.

TASER simulation requires the red visible laser dot to be ignored by the grab-camera.  When the TASER is activated two invisible infrared laser beams set at 8deg apart have to accurately mimic the placement of both darts which are then plotted onto the target or targets on-screen. As the discharge is timed-out the exact dart placement has to be clearly identified and recorded for student assessment.

Multiply this by 4-times as VIPER can simulate four students engaging four separate subjects side-by-side or two officers onto one subject, or any combination.  The Instructor can bring forwards not only 1 to 4 targets but rotate each, size them to give differing ranges and change target type and target challenge.

VIPER is a truly unique system as it has been specifically developed to meet the exceptionally high standards of training and student assessment required by the United Kingdom police.

TASER is in world-wide use and proven as an effective Less Lethal option.  There is a need for more realistic training. VIPER TASER simulation is the solution.