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Training 6 - Managerial Training


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Civil Defence Supply has been working for many years with a selected group of managerial training Consultants specifically on First Responder Managerial Training to enable agencies or units to introduce structures within their organisations to make the most effective use of personnel, equipment, new technologies and strategic options to deliver an effective outcome to virtually ANY situation.  

Methodology behind managerial training is almost identical for most forms of hierarchical structures within police, emergency services, specialist military groups and units, industrial first-responders and any other form of crisis-based response.

Our services are based on Training Your Trainers to enable your department to introduce new methods and practices and then expand that knowledge using your own trainers throughout your organisation. This is far more cost-effective and efficient than commissioning a full-time consultancy or engaging outsiders to roll-out expansion.

We do recommend that an Annual Appraisal is commissioned so that you are satisfied standards are being maintained and lesson-plans correctly delivered. We work to ISO 9002 guidelines.