Civil Defence Supply

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Training 3 - Anti-Terrorist & Hostage Release


Anti-terrorist tactics and Hostage Release are now front-line training demands that every developed country needs to prepare for.  Civil Defence Supply enjoys direct access to many ex-Special Forces and ex-Police senior instructors who can deliver the very latest training and tactics to enable a unit to become totally proficient in all aspects of armed assault, hostage release and intervention.

A number of United Kingdom Police Forces could also consider running training alongside Civil Defence Supply providing the legitimacy of that request passes scrutiny.

Please refer to our RESTRICTED web pages for further information.

All such work requires the Client to pass Scrutiny by HM Government in full compliance to not only United Kingdom Export Controls and Licensing but political and ethical sensitivities governing what is being requested and supplied.

Civil Defence Supply will not engage in ANY discussions unless the request comes from the highest possible levels.