Civil Defence Supply

Research, development, testing, manufacture, supply and training of specialised Defence and Law Enforcement products

Civil Defence Supply designed and manufactures a range of rapid deployment cabins based on the footprint of a standard Waste Skip.

There are thousands of skip trucks available worldwide and by designing a cabin that can be transported, deployed and recovered easily the SKIPPER concept enables an Agency or Organisation to create a wide selection of specific role-types.

SKIPPER can be configured to ANY internal design or layout a customer may request.

SKIPPER has lifting lugs welded to its top edges allowing crane or truck-mounted hydraulic lifting.

SKIPPER Multi-role Cabins

SKIPPERs have heavy-duty welded steel channel fork-lift tyne-slots embedded into the floor pan not only giving massive strength but easy movement around sites. Stackable SKIPPERs are available for maximising storage space.

SKIPPER doors come in various options including fully armoured with security locks ideal for mobile armoury use.

Ballistic SKIPPERs are available fully panelled out with high-grade composite armour and a selection of armoured glass windows ideal for check-points, range test and calibration cabins or sentry positions along perimeters.  All major deployments have mechanical handling available making SKIPPER the ideal multi-role portable structure.

All welded-steel construction massively strong and all based on a common design externally with any form of internal layout a Client desires including radio communications masts fitted to the top or outside

Virtually ANY configuration or layout can be created and replicated in substantial numbers.  Air Conditioning can be attached, radio antennae and masts fitted to side or roof-plates, cables run under and into the cabin through floor-slots and internals fitted out with work tables, cupboards, mechanical plant, toilets, weapon racks, workshop facilities, radio racking and any other concept providing it is standardised within the dimensions illustrated above. Rapid manufacture can deliver substantial numbers fast.