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World War 1

Just a small example of what CDS can offer.  

LEFT - Billy ELLIOT stage riot kit

RIGHT - Crash Test Dummies Series

Expert opinions on numerous TV News and Investigations including features like Danny DYER’s Most Dangerous Men

BELOW - Our own Army vehicles fully equipped with radios, personal kit, 7.62mm GPMG and .50cal machines guns

Civil Defence Supply has been involved in the film industry, stage and commercial video since 1990. As we manufacture most of what we sell plus we also have a massive capability to supply exactly what you need, when for and well supported and trained. Our archives cover thirty years official supply and support including rare photographs of various operations ranging from the SAS and The Embassy Siege to modern day equipment, training and tactics.

We also hold a substantial stock of old equipment in our museum including a lot of high-technology defence-related hardware ranging from radio equipment to electro-optics, shells, inert bombs and bullets to night vision, thermal and surveillance.  All these are available to film and stage props and costume managers on hire. We have even built dummy IED’s and Bomb belts for one production…!

Civil Defence Supply also deals/has accounts with numerous Government Surplus agents and wholesalers acting as a procurement manager in larger productions.  We have sources armoured vehicles, aircraft, clothing, tents, specialist vehicles, pyrotechnics and even deactivated weapons and live weapons right up to artillery.  As Civil Defence Supply holds a Home Office Section 5 Authority we can provide not only weapons but blank ammunition and Armourer Support. Our SKIPPER mobile armoury can be found here which is ideal as temporary on-set secure storage for cameras, weapons and other high-value equipment and props.

Civil Defence Supply can also provide a number of ex-government sites for location filming and has been involved with props and film logistics on behalf of the regular hire industry.  We have been involved in major productions including a number of BOND films via EON Productions, Doctor WHO, The BILL, hundreds of TV documentaries, features and series as well as providing technical Advice to the London Stage and regional theatres.    Find us in The KNOWLEDGE - CLICK here.

Please ask for further information as we can manufacture items to order to suit a particular period.

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Danny DYER’s Most Dangerous Men on SAS Soldier Spud Ely filmed entirely at Ashby Hall - CDS Headquarters in Lincolnshire

BBC Inside Out investigations into illegal imported Stun Guns into the UK with expert opinion from CDS Director Eran Bauer