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Criminal Intelligence & Forensics

World War 1

Civil Defence Supply has been involved in Criminal & Counter Intelligence for decades with early involvement in InfraRed enhancement of Image Intensified long-range photography which is still an on-going programme as well as Image Analysis with a system CDS created called TROJAN, in its day a very advanced imagery software and hardware package to enhance evidential video and photography.  

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Telephone Data Analysis

World War 1

Internet Tracing & Analysis

World War 1

ZETAQ is an Associate Company of Civil Defence Supply creating and training advanced software solutions to mobile phone analysis and information handling.

There are numerous extraction tools and a few software systems currently available to assist an Agency in analysing mobile phones and other digital systems seized or found during investigations.  They all require a high degree of operator training and ability to not only extract data but make sense of what has been extracted.  Very often, valuable material is lost or not recognised.

ZETAQ has created Telephone Data Analysis (TDA) which is a highly advanced representation system setting out the captured data in a form that provides valuable cross-over intelligence with visualisation showing social networks, the target and associates as well as dynamically adding new evidence from other captured phones to build up a ‘family tree’ of inter-relationships or other trigger-factors selected by the operative.

ZETAQ web site

InterTRACE is another Associate Company of Civil Defence Supply providing Forensic Computing services to police, military and civil agencies.

Highly skilled staff can be tasked by an Agency to conduct forensic searching on the Internet and Social Media to identify individuals, data and source codes both within the normal Internet and the Dark Web.

In cases of child and adult exploitation, social media, cyber-bullying and harassment InterTRACE can release valuable own-staff leaving us to locate the entire routes back to a target and prepare evidence file ready for further action by your own enforcement or prosecution teams

InterTRACE offers Expert Witness in support of your Court prosecution process with audit trails and Expert Witness Statements.

It simply isn’t economical or sustainable for most departments to set up, run and administer an Internet Seek and Search capability when InterTRACE has years of experience in this subject.

InterTRACE Web Site

Contracted-Out Internet Seek & Search Services Image Analysis with a system CDS created called TROJAN, in its day a very advanced