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GL3 Landing System

The Civil Defence Supply has decades of experience in Special Forces operations especially airborne having designed a number of fundamental flying systems which are still in current operational use.

There always has been a need for a truly compact, lightweight and effective Glide-Path Indicator for both fixed-wing and rotary that can be rapidly deployed.

The Patented GL-3 & GL-4 Landing System is a very recent Civil Defence Supply own-manufactured product and offers a user the capability of rapidly setting up a full scale runway in minutes not hours.      Please CLICK on all the images.

Lesson learnt from disaster relief operations such as trying to reopen Port-au-Prince airport in Haiti after the earthquake illustrate just how important trying to organise alternative landing grounds is in rapid deployment and disaster relief operations.

As Civil Defence Supply has its own runways and aircraft we can demonstrate and train these systems here in the UK or overseas at your location.  There are many civil applications.

Link to GL-3 & GL-4 Web Site GL3 Literature PILOT Magazine May 2012 review of GL3 Landing System Intended for military and civil applications the GL3 is a rugged and dependable Approach Path Indicator GL3 on tripod illustrating the compact design GL3 on tripod illustrating the compact design GL3 packed in its hard transit case with all accessories and cleaning kit

Please CLICK on the PILOTS Magazine image to the LEFT to read a superb review of the GL-3 in civilian flying.

Private houses, hotels and luxury apartment complex overseas have ordered GL-3 for owner’s and guests to safely fly-in. Please ask for further information or CLICK onto the various LINKS on this page.

The YouTUBE VIDEO linked below will show just how easy this system is to set up and operate.