Civil Defence Supply

Research, development, testing, manufacture, supply and training of specialised Defence and Law Enforcement products

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There are few companies in the World today with so much hands-on experience in delivering new tactics, equipment and training as Civil Defence Supply over such a wide range of skills.  Experienced senior instructors from the British Military, Police and Special Forces compliment the company enabling Civil Defence Supply to deliver cost-effective and achievable solutions to an Agency, Government or specialised group.

In Government-To-Government missions it is possible to contract British Army Support Teams to provide Civil Defence Supply equipment training as everything you read in this web catalogue is in current front-line service.

A number of British Police Forces and the UK Police College offer more advanced Command-Structure and managerial training enabling your senior officers to access the very best tactics, communications skills and doctrine available anywhere in the World.          

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Major Alex Freeman training Public Order tactics to Saudi Arabian National Guard in the Western Provinces whilst working as part of the British Military Mission

Eran Bauer training Saudi Arabian Civil Defence personnel in CBRN technology and protective equipment in Dhahran during the First Gulf War on an eleven month contract

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