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Why is CapTor so different….?

0.3 % Nonivamide active ingredient

99.7%  entirely inert & safe de-ionised water and stabiliser giving a 100% non-flammable mix with effective incapacitation

Nitrogen propellant

Very simple and stable mixture which does not need to be shaken prior to use

           Fully Recyclable product

Incapacitants 4

World War 1

UK Issue CS Spray

US Issue OC Pepper Spray

5% CS active incapacitant

95% highly flammable MIBK solvent which also rots rubber and damages most plastics on contact

Flammable with TASER

Nitrogen propellant

As Capsicums are a naturally grown fruit they are sourced worldwide, grown in varying climates, treated with all forms of regulated and unregulated pesticides, fertilisers and growing agents creating a highly complex mixture or known and unknown ingredients with no one single batch the same as the one before. OC Pepper may be effective but reports indicate the presence of many very undesirable chemicals.

CapTor works the same but is entirely consistent from one manufacturing batch to the next.  

Please read the two Reports shown here on the inconsistencies and hazards purchasing OC Pepper Sprays -  CapTor is 100% consistent  and totally non-flammable

Other products in worldwide use today

ISO 9002 Product - All Canisters Serial Numbered, dated and fully traceable


CLICK HERE to read University of Utah Report

Quantative Analysis of Capsaicinoids in Fresh Peppers, Oleoresin Capsicum & Pepper Spray Products

By  A Reilly PhD - Dennis Crouch BS & Garold Yost PhD

CLICK HERE to read


by C Gregory Smith MD & Woodhall Stopford MD

Health Hazards of Pepper Srpays University of Utah OC Pepper Report Next National Framework Agreement