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Riot Helmet

The United Kingdom Police use fully tested Riot Helmets under PAS 017 which is a Home Office Recommended Test Procedure to ensure impact resistance, visor performance, neck and nape protection and fluid exclusion follows set guidelines.

Correct sizing is important as uncomfortable wear can impair the efficiency and comfort of your officers who are often on-duty for many hours.  

Civil Defence Supply provides a wide selection of helmets sizes and accessories including correct training for not only operational personnel but store-keepers and maintenance where helmets can be serviced, refurbished and cleaned using biocide sprays as a hygiene precaution.

Helmets can be manufactured in different colours, the most common being Black, White and Dark Blue.

Special colours can be manufactured only to mass order making it viable to re-set machinery

Badges and helmet markings, numbers and rank insignia can be fixed to helmets in virtually any language.

Civil Defence Supply only uses fully approved non-hydrocarbon based solvents in insignia as helmet shell degradation occurs if the wrong adhesives are applied.  We have seen cheap Chinese helmets with low-cost stickers seriously fail because the manufacturers are selling at very low prices to win your trade putting your officers at risk of  injuries and even death because suppliers fail to realise the implications of using incorrect adhesives. The whole point issuing a riot helmet is to protect the skull from impact - Without laboratory testing it is almost impossible to detect that your helmet is compromised. This can only be avoided by specifying fully approved helmets and their badges from a reliable source.