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Handcuffs & Restraints

Handcuffs and Handcuffing is an essential part of all police and law enforcement suspect-handling procedures more so in today’s violent society where establishing control & restraint early enough is absolutely essential.  

Civil Defence Supply provides a wide selection of Handcuffs and Restraint Aids all with comprehensive training packages to provide your officers with the latest techniques including the use of Restraint Belts, Wraps, ties and Spit Hoods.

UK Police Rigid Handcuff

The UK Police are the largest used or Rigid Handcuffs in the World, a design that many international forces should really look at.

Rigid Handcuffing is easy to train but when compared to traditional chained cuffs the ease of achieving an effective restraint makes Rigid Cuffs vastly superior.

Once manacled the officer only has to use slight rotational force to put pressure on nerves in the wrist creating pain.  With proper training that pain level is carefully controlled.

Rigid Handcuffs are the future.  That is why 100% of all UK Police Officers use them.

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Restraint Training and the supply of Training Aids are available from Civil Defence Supply including full training courses on all types of physical and mechanical restraints.

We recommend the use of full-weight Restraint Dummies to give officers true-life handling experience.

Physically restraining a prisoner must date back to Pre-History.  In Ancient Egypt, with the Romans and later into the Medieval Period  forged metal restraints existed.

The first mass-produced manacle was refined by the Victorians when the first true police force was formed by Robert Peel in London in the 1800’s.

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