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Armadillo Riot Shields - History

ARMADILLO Interlinking Riot Shield design and tactics come directly from the Romans who created shield formations called the Testudo or Tortoise offering maximum protection for massed ranks of soldiers especially effective against cavalry and catapulted missiles. Plutarch describes this formation as used by Mark Antony during his invasion of Parthia in 36 BC and carved onto the Trajan Column in Rome. A very effective tactic.

Armadillo Riot Shields all have the same profile enabling different groups within a formation to create a totally protective structure against aggressive attack yet individually officers have their own options depending on role and the strategies being used.  This is why ARMADILLO is a true ‘tactical’ riot shield.

Roman shields did NOT interlink - They just formed a loose shield-wall with over-cover. Civil Defence Supply adapted this concept. Using modern materials such as high-grade LEXAN Polycarbonate. CDS created a standard profile with semi-circular channels down each vertical giving a releasable interlinking function that was awarded with world-wide Patents. The astonishing success of the ARMADILLO is the result of this improved protection. Traditional flat blade or curved shields offer no such features.

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BS 7971 NEXT

Armadillo Shields give your officers the highest level of personal protection